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The Secret of Brilliant Movement – Mini Sensation Meditation

Let’s make this interactive:

This might be a conversation you open and hold with your body only, or perhaps you’d like to share your discoveries with the rest of us.

Diving into Sensation. Or tip toeing. Or crashing. Or stomping. Or sinking. Or slipping in.

Take a moment and awaken your Body Awareness. Three full, easy breaths.¬† Bring your attention to a body part and notice how it feels. Choose a sensation word and said it softly out loud. The door is open…

How do you define “brilliant” movement?

What is the Sensation of brilliant movement?

Would you describe your movements every moment as brilliant ?

Let’s not think of this as an all-or-nothing proposition, so… where and when are you moving brilliantly?

Do you sense brilliance in your entire body or does a particular body part or area come to mind?

When you receive the answer, stay with it. See in your mind’s eye and feel your brilliant movement as an immediate and intimate experience. In the intimacy is the details.

Is it when you’re dancing with your friends? Are you moving brilliantly when you’re running? When you’re cooking?

What is it you do, then, that isn’t brilliant?

Why isn’t it brilliant?

Who told you it wasn’t brilliant?

Not brilliant compared to what?

Revisit your brilliant movement. Take time to consider the questions and the answers your body gives you. Spend as much time in any one as you like. As with any of my meditation suggestions, you can explore the meditation in it’s entirety or you can take it apart. Play with one question in the car, stopped in traffic. Play with a question while you’re standing in line and another at the computer, in front of the tv or anywhere to practice and heighten body awareness.

Remaining connected to the sensation of brilliant movement in your body, invite your mind to explore these mental toys:

What about using the words brilliant and energetic interchangeably?

Where does your sensation go?

Now we’ll use brilliant interchangeably with difficult.

Where does your mind go? What sensation or sensations do you notice?

How about brilliant and specific?

How are specific and difficult movements connected to brilliant movement? Are they?

Let’s go to brilliant and painful.

Are any of your brilliant movements painful? Yes? Why? Must the movements result in pain to be brilliant?

What if we use the words brilliant and functional interchangeably?

Will you go back and answer any of the above questions differently? Is there a change in your body sensation?

How about we use the words brilliant and pleasurable interchangeably?

What changes now? Is there a difference between functional movement and pleasurable movement? Sensation?

Now let’s make easy and brilliant interchangeable.

What’s the change? Does the change occur in your mind as shifts of perspective? Is the change wholly physical?

A bit of both?

Let’s bring the sensation and concept of satisfaction into the equation. Brilliant and satisfying?

When and where is your movement brilliant and satisfying?

Ok, adding  another element into the mix.

For brilliance, it must also be satisfying and painful. To be satisfying, it must be brilliant and painful. To be painful, it must also be brilliant and satisfying? Does this work? Is it possible? Where does it breakdown? Do you know this sensation or these sensations in your body?

Are all of these possible? Some? None?

When we make brilliant interchangeable with authentic, what happens?

Brilliant with healthy?

How easily can you equate your body’s natural and unfettered movement with brilliance?

Where does your mind go when you consider brilliance in the organic nature that is your very personal movement style?

Are there rules to being brilliant? Is there a charge for brilliant movement? A piper to pay?

Is brilliant movement expensive?

Is there a sacrifice?

Or is brilliance freedom?

The “Secret” is within you.

Art by Kalidou Kasse