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A Sensory Practice

Sensation Vocabulary

These are words that are either clear adjectives or words that evoke sensation and may be used to more clearly communicate the language of the body.

These are words that make sense to my body.

This list was inspired by a similar offering from Debbie Rosas Stewart and Carlos AyaRosas in their work in Nia as well as contributions from other Nia teachers.

Powerful          Quick             Achy            Soft            Showy          Sassy                   Loose               Jangly               Slippery

      Weightless                Precise               Free                 Centered             Light                  Graceful            Liquid

Energetic        Sloppy             Crispy               Electric            Lively                   Expressive               Empty            Warm

Full       Fluid          Heavy           Responsive           Solid              Playful             Tight             Linear             Bound

Sharp         Mechanical          Wild           Yang            Masculine              Stuck         Slow          Connected              Sexy

Flexible           Rooted              Strong               Aggressive              Floaty            Mushy  

Languid              Cold             Prickly

Stable           Yummy        Hollow             Yin            Feminine          Bubbly                Fit                  Relaxed            Weary

Adventurous             Alert             Bold              Fidgety              Hot                Calm  

Luke-Warm             Unsteady                   Weak

Fluffy         Stimulated              Wide               Sticky             Vibrant               Oscillating            Unstable              Tense

          Juicy            Dry            Coarse          Silky         Velvety         Crunchy          Smooth             Taut             Rigid

Shivery          Slinky           Feline             Open             Closed           Circular            Agile            

Curvy            Still               Subtle

Confident            Organic              Expansive            Edgy           Stuck         Coooool             Deliberate

Accidental            Restless          Awkward

A few of these words are usually associated with emotional states.  Avoid this association by remaining body and sensation-centered.


You can play with this list by paying attention and using the words to give voice to your body’s communications. You can also pick one word at a time and move each one. Sense these words in your body rather than thinking them. How would “crunchy” move? How does “mushy” move? If it doesn’t come right away move on without judgment. If you don’t get anything, it’s ok.  Go through the list then move on with your day.

Go back to this exercise at least once a week.  Awareness takes practice.  Give yourself the time you need to adapt. It will come. When you practice, play without a mirror.  This practice is an avenue to discovering Your Body’s Way or your body’s nature.  This practice will heighten your sensitivity to your body’s well-being. In turn, this practice can also heighten your awareness to the world around you. Discovering Your Body’s Way is a tool for taking your wellness, fitness and performance to a higher level as well as re-connecting to life in a global way.

This is all about sensation.