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No Limits

Flames like Liquid

Open the flood gates and let your body moooooove – in ways previously unbeknownst to you!

Within it, every step has a million possibilities.

Colors. Shades. Hues.

Sounds. Instruments. Rhythms. Mood. Color. Tempo. Expression.

Splash. Wave. Pulse. Quiver. Shake. Drip. Pop. Pipple. Ropple. Jip. Tommel. Careen. Womp. Vrooooooom!

Every move holds the potential for an untold number of expressions, flavors and inflections.

One move + 7 pieces of music = a move for every day.

One move. Any piece of music. How does the move to music I love differ from the same move to music I don’t like?

Creativity transcends like and dislike. What will I discover within myself when I give my Spirit a chance to dance in the dark?

Why am I locking myself into defining and re-defining within the same narrow parameters?

When I can knock the doors down, rock the walls and blow the roof off!!!

And don’t stop until it feels gooooooood. Really good!