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The Sensation of ‘Follow-Through’ – Also known as FAP!

I may as well call this ‘The Sensation of Fear, Anxiety and Sheer Panic’!

As a creative human I am grossly prolific. If I had a dollar for every concept, vision, theory I have in notebooks throughout the house, I wouldn’t have to worry about money for quite some time. Some ideas are good and go on to be developed, some are ok and begin to break down before they ever see the light of a studio and some are in-the-moment shots of adrenaline that make me cringe when I look at them later.

No matter the quality, they all have one thing in common: follow through. If I don’t commit in some way I will never find out what is truly possible. This is why I have gone so public with as yet embryonic Movement Alchemy. The potential for me to actualize my gifts in what is coming with Movement Alchemy is strong. For the first time, I’m not pulling an idea into manifestation, it’s pulling me.

Why am I regurgitating what you could easily read from authors such as Seth Godin and Hugh McLeod?


In development for January:

No drum roll, please, it will just increase the nausea from terror…

(Thank you, Julie, for the breathing exercise!)

Movement Alchemy, the Class: Dance of Life

The Sensation of Joy

I’m in transition.  Shiiiiift is happening.  This is not an infrequent sensation for me when I’m stirring things up (more than usual!). Is this the feeling of joy? Not at all. I have come to appreciate it – so the sensation of appreciation is the most positive way I can communicate it.  I’m restless, unsettled, cranky, out-of-sorts, discombobulated and cleaning things. If you know me, the last 2 words tell you alot about where I am.

The post, “Enough…”  has been with me for a while and it continues to percolate. Not so much the question of my “enough-ness” as much as what it is I’m doing.

Sunday I attending the first of an anatomy series, beginning with the spine and pelvis. When I think about it I get a rush of excitement! I couldn’t wait to be immersed in the magic of the human body, listening, sensing, working internally, putting pieces together, deepening what I have to share. The experience was as wonderful as I expected.

THIS, what I feel when I think about learning more about how our bodies work.

What I feel when I share movement and Nia.

This when I identify ways that I can be useful to the world.

I listen and sense my way. The Joy is there. As I learn that there are times I must put my work before someone else’s work; that in learning to take care of my future I’m actually creating roots and a foundation. The Joy is sustained. In becoming more discerning about who I invite into my world I am caring for myself as well as the entity through which I am sharing my gifts. By inviting only those who are prepared for an energy exchange; those who have the maturity and the emotional constitution to cultivate and maintain a rich and fruitful collaboration, I am increasing the probability of successful manifestation. The Joy is increased. Assured success? A “sure thing”? No matter what I do or with whom, I know that there are no guarantees. Often it is the unlikeliest of partnerships that succeed.

Second only to my children and true friendship, the work I’m nurturing gives new meaning to the word ‘work’. Even in the most disheartening and discouraging moments, the sensation of Joy hums and nudges me forward.

I can’t not take this path.

A new friend shared with me over coffee today that while I’m on the right path, she knows from experience that it’s not an easy path.

An easy path?

Now what fun would that be?!