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The Gift of Intimacy

Present Glow in BlueI cannot know another until I know myself – intimately.

Sexually? Sure. That’s a great start. And plenty of practice too! Practice stimulates hormonal levels and makes body sensation more accessible. The key is to pay more attention to the details of sensation with each practice.

Another way is to spend a few seconds several times a day acknowledging how your body feels. After all, intimacy is being in relationship with the details of whatever is being observed.

How about slowing down? Not a popular idea but very important.

In terms of “another”  mentioned above, the greater my ability to notice my own body communication the more sensitive I am likely to be to the body of others. An intimate partner, yes, but also any other I choose to notice.

Paying attention. Noticing. Mindfulness. Cognizance. Consciousness. Observation. Knowledge. Awareness.

Awareness is a gift.

Awareness is a gift only we can give ourselves.

Those around me can remind me and suggest that I pay attention. I will only benefit if  I practice body mindfulness. I also have to do this mindfulness thing for myself – no one else can do it for me (also known as I take responsibility for my well-being).

In it’s richest form, awareness is a practice. Without awareness there is little or no healing.

What if we practiced Nia (or yoga) while we watch a tennis match?

Sounds kind of ridiculous, doesn’t it?

So why do we run on a treadmill or workout on an elliptical while watching tv?

Here comes the anarchist in me:

Get rid of all the tvs in health and fitness facilities.

What a wonderful holiday gift.

It’s long past time to re-think the way we treat our bodies. Watching tv while moving amounts to negligence.

How about this one:

Heightened awareness will make your sex life better.

Barring an event bigger than you, heightened awareness can help you avoid chronic pain and serious injuries.

What better gift could you ask for?