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Breathe In and Be Pleasure

Dew on a Gerber

Thank you, Jean.

Are you a Pleasurist?

What is a Pleasurist you ask?

It is one who not only seeks pleasure but embodies it once discovered.

A Pleasurist is one who revels, who immerses oneself in not only being accomplished but in the accomplishing.

There is no rushing these things.


Breathe in. Let yourself melt into the sensation of breath in your body.

Breathe out and delight in the wave that leaves you. Breathless. (I couldn’t resist!)

Don’t rush it.


Let    it    come     to     you.

It will.

Like love.

Like the dawn.

Like music.

You cannot master it.

You cannot beat it.

You cannot overcome it.

You cannot own it.

You can let it slip through your fingers; suddenly elusive.


You can let it seduce you

Invite you

Beckon you.

In the wait, the Pleasurist will arrive.

In the quiet. You can hear.

You can feel.

If you hurry to catch it, catch up, keep up; win the race…

the moment will be lost; passed unheard and unseen.

Melt in the silence; in the stillness of nerve and bone.

Drink the moment. Nothing is as soft against your skin; as nurturing to your heart and soul.

Heart Dance – Today Is A Good Day To Dance

Wanna save the planet?

If you know me, you had to know this was coming!

Wanna save the planet?

Then dance!

People are starving everywhere. A minority of people own the majority of the world’s assets. Discrimination, prejudice and political irresponsibility are rampant. And that’s not all of it.                                                                                                                So I’m asking you to dance (I’ll define ‘dance’ towards the end).

Dance alone. Dance with your pets. Dance with your kids (if you’ve got babies and toddlers they will LOVE it!). Dance with your heartthrob, your partner, your spouse, the love of your life. Dance with your neighbors. Gather your friends and co-workers and dance every week. Don’t have a group, find a group to dance with.

Not just any Dance. Dance your heart.

As you begin to dance, bring into your heart and mind Compassion, Gratitude and Appreciation. If you’re having a really nasty day and those words are not getting you anywhere – think of bunnies (thank you Gregg Braden!).

Stay with it. Hang on to the feelings and sensations that come with those words or the bunny!

If you’re dancing in a group, become aware of how it feels to dance in the room with Compassion, Gratitude and Appreciation ( and/or the bunny, ofcourse). Share this focus with the others in the group, give it a few minutes to gather and feel what happens. Keep it going for as long as you can.

If you’re dancing on your own, keep doing it. Stay connected to those feelings and sensations and know that they are radiating out into the world. Nurture your own dance with it, keep feeding your Heart Dance.

Can I save the planet dancing by myself? Unlikely, although the feelings that arise from this practice may very well change the lives of those around me and that’s a lovely start. Just like any other big project, big goal or deep desire, it’s made up of smaller pieces. If everyone takes a piece (only what is manageable), change happens.

What do I mean by “Dance”?

Your Heart Dance is what you love to do more than almost anything else in the world.

Your Heart Dance may be going out for a run, meditation (anyway you do it), a yoga practice, rock climbing, writing music, playing music, rocking your child to sleep, traditional or non traditional dance, song, teaching, volunteering. If you’re not sure what that is, start with the mini meditation of Compassion, Gratitude and Appreciation and let that be your guide .

Whatever it is you do, combined with Compassion, Gratitude and Appreciation, will change your environment and the environment around you. It will touch everyone who comes into any sort of contact with you. You become the embodiment of Compassion, Gratitude and Appreciation.

Let’s save the planet.

Dance with me today.