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The Sensation of Self

Fire Just the Flames and Smoke

Stone Turns Black – Kaya Project

                                                                                                Quiet. Earthy. Grounded. Edgy. Steady.

 Masculine invites the dance, offering the embrace of Pulse.                                                                                                                  Feminine receives Masculine in Melody.

Gentle teeth bite down without breaking the skin.

Magnetic connection to the Earth.            Contained Hot.           Red. Orange. 1st and 2nd chakras.           Primal.


Hand Drums dance lightly.                        Strings yawn seductively,                   drawing us deeper.

Lush vocals whisper and                    murmur something I need to hear.         Spirals of sound run in rivulets through me and settle into puddles in my soft, yielding places.             Warm pulse; sensation attracting my attention.



Muscles gape.           Joints inhale. Cells fill.            Vessels empty.                   Bones exhale.

Percussion is the heartbeat leading my joints, my feet. 

A place to rest.

                             Release from alert. Release from my self.