Moving this forward didn’t happen by accident, serendipitously and the work didn’t drop out of the sky into my lap.

I have worked very hard for this. I have also had the most incredible people around me.

Teri, you were my first student and  you never told me to do something “practical”. You have walked this entire journey with me – I’m not sure I will ever have the words to thank you. Kim, you are practical, but you are also deliciously creative and totally brilliant. Andrew, you reminded me that the scope this work is on a global level. You inspired me to think of Nia and my gifts as they are connected to Nature rather than culture. You reminded me to look and see the matrix. The three of you are in this work. My children have been a source of endless support for me and I have been a source of endless amusement for them!  These are  the first steps, but I would not be here, in this place, right now, if it hadn’t been for you – each of you. Barbara, you may not ever read this, but if things had remained as they were, MA probably wouldn’t exist.

Am I counting unhatched chickens? No. When Movement Alchemy is fully realized, the thank yous will be more public, more profuse and I’ll use your last names!

Until then, I’ll be asking for referrals, bugging you to come to classes and workshops, labs and reminding you to set up for Sole Practice!

Thank you.

Personal Power

Personal Power is about living fully as fully integrated human beings. Integrated within ourselves, through the sensations of the Body, emotionally accessible, uniquely expressive without being dominated by our capacity for thought.

Personal Power is not about material ownership, control or manipulation. Nor is it about getting there “first”. Personal Power is within; it cannot be acquired from outside of ourselves. It can be given away, but no one can give it back.

We are all entitled to our Personal Power with the emphasis on personal. It is ours and like freedom, ours ends where another’s begins.

What are you going to do with your Personal Power?

Body-Based Practices, Whole Life Results