Somatic Practices

Impossible PossibleThe Feldenkrais Method –

The Alexander Technique –

The AT on YouTube –

The Nia Technique –

Somatic Expression (Education), Body Wisdom for Modern Minds –

Body-Mind Centering –

The Rosen Method Bodywork & Movement  –

The Rosen Method on YouTube –

Somatic Approach to Tantsu and Watsu –

Continuum Movement –

Generative Somatics –

Eutony –

Eutony on YouTube –

Hanna Somatic –

Hanna Somatics on YouTube –

Kinetic Awareness –

Bartenieff Fundamentals

Better Movement

Laban Movement –

Laban Movement on YouTube –

Hakomi – and

Trager Approach –

Trager Approach on YouTube –

Rubenfeld Synergy Method –

Somatic Awareness –

 The Moving Touch –

Yoga –

Pilates –



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