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The Alchemy of Awareness – The Gift of Intimacy

Session 1: Body Awareness

A simple and powerful practice that invites you to reconnect or more deeply connect to your body in order to reclaim your dance and your life. It is an invitation to rediscover the dancer you have always been.

Awareness is the first step. To be Aware is to be Alive.

Every week for 5 weeks, you will receive a PDF file with your Body Meditation Practice via your inbox. These body meditations invite you to explore Sensation through Touch, Movement, Sight, Curiosity and your own body wisdom; an opportunity to pay attention to your body through a fresh perspective. The goal is clear: heighten you ability to observe and notice details. With greater insight into your habits and tendencies you can make better choices affecting your health, fitness and overall wellness.

So what does that mean in the “real” world?

It means you will be more likely to catch little aches and pains before they become full-fledged injuries. It means that you are far less likely to suffer from How-Did-This-Happen-? Syndrome.

Awareness gives you information. With information, you automatically have a choice. With choice is power.

5-Week Course

Next Session 1 Courses for 2013:

Course 2: June 3 – July 1

Course 3: July 1 – July 29

Course 4: September 2- September 30

Course 5: November 4- December 2

Body Awareness:  $50

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Wild Gardens Wild Flowers

Session 2: Tending Your Mental Garden

Course 1: September 2- September 30

Course 2: November 4- December 2


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How The Courses Work:

Each week, for five weeks beginning on the first Monday of the month you chose, you will receive an Awareness practice in the form of a PDF.

It is my intention to make this course accessible to anyone who wants to live more body-centered. As a result, I intend to make myself accessible. I invite you, as we go through this journey, to feel free to email me and to participate in the private Facebook book group that will be available to you when the course begins.

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