Sensation Speak

Sensation Vocabulary

Wordle: Movement Is Life


Sensation Vocabulary

Powerful          Quick             Achy            Soft            Showy          Sassy                   Loose

Jangly         Slippery         Weightless            Precise             Free         Centered

Light                  Graceful            Liquid

Energetic        Sloppy             Crispy               Electric            Lively                   Expressive               Empty

Warm            Full            Fluid          Heavy           Responsive         Solid          Playful

Tight             Linear             Bound

Sharp         Mechanical          Wild           Yang      Masculine         Stuck         Slow          Connected

Sexy      Flexible           Rooted         Strong        Aggressive      Floaty            Mushy  

Languid            Cold           Prickly               Rattle

Stable           Yummy        Hollow             Yin            Feminine          Bubbly           Fit           Relaxed

Weary         Adventurous           Alert         Bold            Fidgety            Hot                Calm  

Luke-Warm                  Squished                Unsteady                   Weak

Fluffy         Stimulated              Wide               Sticky        Vibrant         Oscillating            Unstable

Tense          Juicy            Dry            Coarse          Silky         Velvety         Crunchy          Smooth

Taut             Rigid

Shivery          Slinky           Feline             Open             Closed           Circular            Agile            

Curvy            Still               Subtle            Explosive

Confident            Organic              Expansive        Edgy           Stuck         Coooool             Deliberate

Accidental            Restless          Awkward           Squeezed           Viscous


Wordle: Sensation Vocabulary 2

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