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Catherine 15

Post Training 1:

Awareness gives me increased accessibility to my potential. For personal discovery. I am increasingly available to myself – to do more of what I want. Organizing and re-organizing myself changes the concept of learning. No longer fearful of failure, of looking “stupid” or feeling awkward, it may become a matter of re-organizing. No longer hindered by “I can’t”, what I don’t know is simply what I don’t know – yet. Then the choices available to me are abundant.
Something I was thinking through after an ATM this morning… 02/18/2014

Learning for the sake of Learning

The gift of purposelessness!

Learn how to do something purely fora personal journey through the experience of learning.

Avoid choosing based on beliefs or hopes for any future benefit.

No goal.

No idea of productivity.

It may be easy to put this aside, as an indulgence when time permits. There will never be time. Begin it today.

Do not underestimate the incalculable wealth of this experience.

Organic learning; no time expectations – learning will take as long as it takes. No achievement expected.

No attachments of any sort. Enjoy the ride! 2/13/2014

Skeleton Vitruvian Man

Training 1: October 21- November 1

Day 1  of Feldenkrais Teacher Training:

 Swimming in the warm waters of awareness and sensation.

Day 2 of Feldenkrais Teacher Training:

Flex, extend, rotate, differentiate, slow, slower, fast, smooth, continuous, connected, spine. What does it feel like? What’s different? What’s new? Make it easy. Do it like you’ve got time to waste. Add more pleasure. It’s personal. Be with yourself. Movement Meditation.

Feldenkrais Teacher Training, Day 3:

Learning is not always comfortable. Sometimes it’s sore and achy as it works itself out. Sometimes it’s downright discombobulating! (I walked around with “somebody else’s” leg for a couple of hours this afternoon!!) Discovery: there are a number of movements I don’t know how to do without creating a ridiculous amount of tension and force to accomplish…

 Feldenkrais Teacher Training Days 4 & 5:

Connections. Relationships. Let go of ‘why’. “Answers” may be what the mind needs; not necessarily what the body needs. “Answers” are only another box; more limitations. HOW. How can I move and BE with the most effectiveness, ease and elegance?

Feldenkrais Teacher Training Weekend Off:

Opening. Unfolding. Release. Space. Flow. Strong. Flexible. Mobile. Quiet. Listening to bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments. Hands like ears. Increased availability. Same and different. Bodies livedin. Deeply mine. In my way. In my time. Without achievement. Subtle. Internal. Seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing what has been hidden and unknown. Clumsy softens with acceptance and patience. No need to achieve. Allow.

 Feldenkrais Teacher Training Days 6 & 7:

Diving deeper. Into awkwardness, not knowing, vulnerability, fear, frustration, clarity. Immersed in sensation. Inviting every movement to be new. No expectations. Touch.

Feldenkrais Teacher Training Day 8:

Sensory overload. Nothing hides here for long. Precision. Attention. Self Regulation. Increased focus. Inviting my body to tell me a story. Touch. Inviting another’s body to tell me its story. Listening Hands. Soft. Patient. Strong. Curious. Respectful.

Feldenkrais Teacher Training Days 9 & 10.

Last day of session one. Fun. Not fun. Frustrating. Confusing. Confounding. Funny. Ridiculous. Silly. Functional “fitness” on a level I never considered. My right hand is yang and my left hand, yin! Today anyway. Who knew?! Exploring my nervous system and my body’s defaults and interferences. Well-organized. Lost ribs. Recovered ribs. Oh, weird – a place in my skull tightens when I float my hand. And my body was full of marbles after having my head handled! The most lovely touch.
I’m gonna need to practice…

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