My Feldenkrais Training Intro Page

Skeleton Vitruvian Man

On October 21 I began the four-year study of the Feldenkrais Method. It is my intention to become a fully certified teacher and practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method; to teach Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes and offer one-on-one Functional Integration (FI) sessions. Two years from my first training I will be eligible to begin teaching ATM classes. Only after I am fully certified will I be eligible to offer FI sessions.

Until this time and in between sessions (which occur twice a year, October and June) I will be reading everything I can lay my hands on written or created by Moshe Feldenkrais. I will also be attending live ATM classes taught by experienced practitioners as well as exploring awareness through ATMs recorded by Feldenkrais Method trainers, Paul Rubin and Julie Casson Ruben. In addition, I’ll spend time with my training mates as often as possible for group discussion and hands-on practice.

“Homework” includes delving into anatomy, neuroscience, mechanics, psychology and human development.

This intro page will remain as it is. There will be 4 additional pages; a page for each year of training. I already have a blog and I want this to be separate from my blog. I may change my mind, but until then, the latest posts will be at the top of the page with earlier pages below. In other words, I’ll be posting from the bottom of the page to the top – unless and until I can find a better way.

(There are also blog posts related to this training.)

Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandlin

The Brain’s Sense of Movement by Alan Berthoz, M.D.

*Running with the Whole Body by Jack Heggie

*Somatics by Thomas Hanna

*Trauma Release Exercises by David Bercelli, Ph.D.

*Teaching By Handling Book – The Feldenkrais Method by Yochanan Rywerant

*Emotional Anatomy by Stanley Keleman

(Photo from Corbis Images at, founded by Bill Gates in 1989)

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