About Catherine


My insatiable curiosity and my desire to share what I learn are the reasons I’ve been doing this work in one form or another for 24 years.

Love to:

Dance! Read. Creating programs and project development are passions – I’ve always got a class, a workshop, a program I’m developing. Did I mention dance?!

General: Ballet. Track & Field. Hockey. Volleyball. Racquetball. Modern Dance. I’m learning how to keep a tennis ball on the court! And how to hit a golf ball!

I started teaching fitness classes in 1992. Step, Aerobics, Strength Training, Pilates, Yoga, Water Fitness. I added personal training in 1996.

Nia: I took my White Belt intensive in 1999, Blue Belt in 2006, Green and Brown Belts in 2010 and Black Belt in 2011.

Reiki I and II, 2011

Phlebotomy, 2011

My Feldenkrais Method teacher training began in 2013. I am currently certified to teach Awareness Through Movement classes through the Feldenkrais Guild and I will be eligible to add the hands-on aspect, Functional Integration upon graduation, in 2017!

I move, therefore I am.

(Photograph by Bonniejean Alford Hinde)

Body-Based Practices, Whole Life Results

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