Because I Said So

Hummingbirds and Hands

It’s a bit of a different paradigm from the way we relate to incoming information:

Notice what you notice.*

Instead what I remind you to notice. As if what I notice is of more relevance than what you might notice on your own.

There will be Not knowing.*

We can’t know all the answers all the time. The answers don’t always help us. They can actually become barriers to our learning. “If I know, I don’t have to pay attention anymore”, and learning stops.

Follow what is interesting to you.*

What someone else finds interesting may leave you ready for a nap. To keep learning, it is helpful to find what draws us in, rather than what someone else tells us we should be interested in.

You don’t need to understand.*

There’s a difference between knowing and understanding. What you know you may not understand. Knowing takes time, understanding, even more time. No need to rush to know or understand.

 Feel what you feel.*

Give yourself the gift of this. Simplicity. No one else can feel what you feel – ever. No one else can have your experience. Your experience is unique to you. No one can tell you how you should feel. They might, then it is no longer yours.

No one can argue with this. They have no grounds – no leg to stand on (so to speak). No one can legitimately invalidate what you feel, unless you allow them to.

*From by a post from a Feldenkrais cohort. Thank you, Sarah.


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