Revisit: A Little Transformation – Baby Steps

Puddle PlayI love learning. I especially love learning when it results in reducing pain and finding what was difficult is no longer so difficult.

The day after brought with it learning of a different, but no less valuable sort.  I woke up with a movement hangover.

I woke up thinking to myself: “why am I still working so hard?!” followed by dramatic sighing, eye rolling and as much slumping as my sore back would tolerate.

How l o n g is it going to take for me to learn this and change what I do?

More dramatic sighing.

So this is going to be a multi-part learning thing.

And more dramatic sighing.

(Better than whining!)

So it’s going to be a while before this Awareness Through Movement® lesson is comfortable; before my mind and body can move through the lesson with less and less effort.

Every time I go to the floor and move through this lesson it will be different. I will be different and hopefully each time I will be able to bring less and less effort to my practice.

How long will it take?

As long as it takes – as long as I explore without struggle and striving. With struggle and striving (ambition)?

Much, much longer!!

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