Daily Practice: What If… It’s Not As Hard As You Believe It Has To Be?

QM Question Mark 2

What if you could mark improvements in your movement activities by going slow and easy?

What if, instead of having to work really hard to move forward – you don’t have to work really hard?

What if, all that hard work is hard because you’re asking your body to do something it isn’t ready to do and it’s first response is “no”?Since our bodies are designed to protect themselves from injury, this theory is worthy of consideration.

What if, specificity training isn’t the last word in training?

What if there’s something else?

What if, injury doesn’t have to be inevitable?

What if, pain is not an inevitable effect of aging?

What if, immobility is not an inevitable effect of aging?

What if, it meant you had to go more slowly to go










Would you?

Why wouldn’t you?

Do you dare to invite change?

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