Daily Practice: What Do You Know?

Beginners 5

To move better and feel better moving, sometimes you have to let go of what you know.

For two reasons:

First, when you believe you know something, you tend to stop paying attention: “I know how to do that, what’s next?” At the very least, it detracts from learning as much as you can.

Second, knowing tends to lead to expectations and when you have expectations, that generally leads to one of two results:




Neither of these options are helpful.


I don’t have anymore to learn here. I can stop paying attention


Why can’t I do this? Everybody else is doing it! This just isn’t for me. Or worse bashing and bruising of self.

How about someplace in between?

It is what it is. What happened is what happened. Without labels. Without judgment. Without excuses. Without explanations. You have useful information.

Improvement and rich learning don’t require competitive goal-setting. Or someone else’s approval.

They do require desire.

And courage.

And commitment.

Don’t miss an opportunity to learn something about what you already know. Or about something in which you know nothing!

Want to make your movement better?

Want to make your life less stressful and more pleasurable?

Then maybe you have what it takes to be a Beginner.

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