The Perfect Words

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I have spent more time not writing this year (and last)  than I have getting anything down.

I’ve spent great amounts of time not writing – but thinking about writing – because I couldn’t seem to find the “right” words.

The perfect words.

So rather than communicate the amazing experiences I’ve been having, I imprisoned myself in a mental quagmire  – a swamp, a bog, a morass.

I’ve decided to free myself before my head pops off!

I’m a little like Sheldon Cooper in that if I don’t say what I have to say, weird things can happen!

This is a blog dedicated to awareness; to living in body sensation in order to live more productively, more generously, more gently, more truthfully, and more authentically.

I’m weird. From the time I can remember, I have lived in body sensation – my earliest memories are sensorial. The stories came after.

It is a gift and this blog is dedicated to sharing what I can to help you to live in your body – the only body you will ever have

with more ease

with more pleasure

with more fun

for longer than you thought possible.

Join me.

There will be not-perfect words.

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