Life As A Practice: “Small Is Beautiful”

Crytanthus Smithiae Leaves

This blog post deeply resonated with me:

I’m sick to death of being told to

make more noise,

get noticed,

speak up,

be loud and obnoxious,

be something else.

“You have to have a brochure that says just the right thing to just the right people, and the perfect business cards that tell your story.”

Nothing tells my story like I do, when I start to move.

 “Say it like this”, well-meaning people have told me.

Public verbal communication is not my gift. Movement is. Change and healing through movement are my gifts to share.

I am a brave, intelligent, quirky woman who does not want a big business. I want a series of rich, deep, intimate (detail-filled) moments that allow me to share what I have to share.

I especially loved the part about charging what your worth. Above everything, I want what I do to be accessible, not exclusive. I want to be available to everyone, whether they can pay for it or not. That means I will not always get what I’m worth? More bullshit!

All of the concern I created over taking advice from people who have no idea who I am or, really, what I can do – has taken me away from the practice where my attention was most needed. I’ll chalk it up to a leaning opportunity and see that it doesn’t happen again.

Ruminating over unfinished brochures, over how to get more people in all of my classes (and maintain my integrity), over the perfect logo and design for a business card – hours lost. Awareness Through Movement classes untaught. Functional Integration practice – unpracticed. The jewels left to grow dim and dirty while I occupied myself with the superficial.

I wandered off the path.

The path that gives language and form to my unusual gift bent strength skill knack. The path that, naturally, reinforces my integrity.

In the meantime, I have been blessed with an introduction into a community of women who simply wait to see what I bring and look to support and encourage.

I am, as always, deeply grateful for my students, who, dance with me in the studio, and out.

Oh, yea, and while I realize that not everyone will want, need or understand what I do – my demographics are still

every body.


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