Daily Practice: Surviving a Long Drive in a Short Car

Mandala Graphic

1200 miles.

12 out of 17 hours.

5 foot, 6 inch woman.

Back seat of a Hyundai Sonata with passenger seat pushed all the way back.

No flat surfaces.

Curves in the wrong places.

3 bouts of extremely enthusiastic muscle cramps – adductors (inner thighs) and psoas (hip flexors). In case you’ve never had the experience – h i g h l y  painful.

Discovery of enhanced flexibility when, in desperation I had to lengthen my cramping leg and take it as far from my other leg as humanly possible. Yes, I can stand one foot on the ceiling of the car while sitting!

2 Awareness Through Movement® classes in part executed in my imagination (visualization is truly a powerful tool).

Softening tight places and gradually releasing tension allowed me not only survive the drive, but stand and walk once it was time to unfold myself from the car!

Dancing in my mind’s eye.

Fluid. Smooth. Easy. Graceful.


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