The Magic of Being in the Moment

Girl Tree

The magic of being in the moment.

Not knowing what will happen.

Being prepared.

With patience,


willing to be lead,

willing to lead.

Letting go of the absolute;

to discover possibility.

Open to wonder.

Open to uncertainty;

open to being shown another way.

Trusting that what I need to learn will come and allowing that learning to come from unexpected sources.

Teacher and Student as one – one and the same.

Learning will come when it’s needed – not always when it’s easiest to accept.

Not always at a time that will keep pride intact.

But then this sort of magic doesn’t need to concern itself with ego and pride.

If ego is an obstacle – I am not ready.

And what of Fear?

Not need to ignore it or pretend it’s not part of the learning.

Welcome Fear. Acknowledge Fear. Allow it to join the experience so that it may see that it’s appreciated as a guide.

Allow Fear to leave when it’s ready.

Celebrate experience.

Celebrate learning.

The magic…

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