My Shoulders Don’t Match!

Matrix 1

Neither do my hips.

My right leg is longer than my left. By 3/4″.

I roll on the right side on my spine.

My neck turns my head more easily to the right.

I roll more easily over my left shoulder.

It’s easier to lift my left hip then to lift my right hip.

My femurs don’t stand the same way at my hip joints.

I’m more stable with my right foot in front of my left versus my left in front of my right.

My shoulder blades don’t lie the same way “on” my rib cage in standing, nor do they stand the same way when I lie on the floor.

The left side of my back is more flexible than the right side.

The middle of my spine is much more willing to bridge, if my eyes look with the intention to see, what is above my head.

The movement and lack of movement available in the middle of my spine (specifically my thoracic vertebrae) has a powerful relationship with the quality of movement and sensation in my hips.

My left foot is much more enthusiastic about touching my head than is my right foot!

My neck works too hard, all the way around – literally.

This is some of what I’ve learned about myself in my Feldenkrais Method training.

So what is all of this?


Not to build beliefs or judgments.


Now I know a bit more about how I do what I do.

What can that do for me?

Give me a choice.

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