The Adventure Continues…

Mandala danmala protea

Mmmm, Lengthening the Hamstrings… One of several Awareness Through Movement® lessons my body refers to as “monkey” ATMs that lighten my spine and make my hips happy.

There are some ATMs that result in hip pain melting away. These are not those.

Pain fades somewhat but it’s the clarity of function that I enjoy and appreciate. In general, the more often I do ATMs, the greater clarity I have in my function.

I’m also playing with how these lessons affect my dance and overall movement. Half a lesson before I dance/practice for Nia class and rest of the lesson afterwards.

As a “pre” warm up, Fundamental Properties of Movement (in Moshe Feldenkrais’ book Awareness Through Movement) enhanced by ability to be relaxed as I moved. I also felt soft in the entire length of my spine.

During a Nia class I took, I moved through choreography that I usually effort through with far less effort. As a human who works entirely too hard all the time, this is practically momentous!

 To say I feel more fluid is not enough.

Better: I feel as though I’ve had a few doses of WD-40!

It’s the ease that keeps my attention; almost as though it’s not me.

There are times to work hard. Not always. There are times when it is a waste of energy and until recently I was greatly unaware of the degree to which I squandered my energy. When it came to the truly difficult movements and I needed that energy, it has been less available.

And the T E N S I O N

Since I’ve been working hard for everything, I’ve also been walking around with a LOT of tension. Mostly tension that has become habitual so I didn’t even know it was there – until it wasn’t.

Moving with less tension – what a novel idea!

For me: less tension = less pain.

An almost overwhelming amount of learning is happening for me right now.

-The vital importance of establishing or re-establishing my internal authority.

I am the only one who knows how I feel and how far to go. No one else can show me how to do what I do.

-How helpful slow and quiet is to hearing the voice of my body – noticing some of my movement habits. Also has helped me to hear some of my thinking habits. It’s remarkable the effect thoughts and beliefs have on how I move.

-I don’t have the limitations I was beginning to believe I had.

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