Toes, Toes, Magical Toes!

Feet Long

Did you know that your toes are magical?

It’s true.

Not only do they point you in the right direction and curl to let you know you’re out of balance, they also have something to do with how you walk!

Can you believe that?

Your toes actually have something to do with how you walk!

Your toes are more than little wiggly things to put nail polish on (or Piggy Polish to be more specific) or shove into shoes.

So spend some quality time with your toes!

Free them from the confines of shoes and encourage them to become more independent.

Imagine that each of your toes can move freely and totally independent of the other toes. Then offer them a lot of support as they explore this opportunity for empowerment.

Resist helping each toe to move. Instead, if needed, gently hold the others toes from moving.

Don’t be ambitious! Your toes don’t want to disappoint you, so let the movements be tinny tiny – let them be mere beginnings of movement.

Give your toes your undivided attention for just a few minutes as often as you can and your body will thank you later.

Happy Explorations!

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