Functional Integration – Processing

I am in post-training processing mode.

I can’t say that I have “completed” the second segment of my Feldenkrais Method training. I can’t say that because I will be integrating the information I received for a very long time.

Moving in my body is quite different than it was before I began on May 26.

My sense of myself is different – or as Moshe Feldenkrais would call it, my “self image” is different. How I perceive myself has changed.

My classes have changed. I don’t know if it’s noticeable to my students, but I am a different Nia teacher.

In the beginning of this training last October I wondered how I would integrate the Feldenkrais work with:

movement in daily life

specific movements

familiar movement patterns in my Nia classes and my personal dance practice

difficult movements

painful movements

With every dance practice and every class I gain a better understanding; I see and feel where the Feldenkrais work and my search become more connected.

An increased availability to myself.

I never really thought much about that. I reproduced movement. I did as I was told (mostly) – or I didn’t. I created and considered what I could do. What I can do and what is available to me are not the same thing. What is available to me is far more valuable and for me, a much more internal process.


to “listen” to my body with ears that haven’t “heard it all before”

to “hear” the blank spaces in my movements; the missing information

to “look” with eyes that are looking for habits and looking without contempt

to release the need to “know” why

to be aware that what I “know” and what I “believe” can be more of a hindrance than a help

to take pleasure in “I don’t know”.

About the places that move and let go more easily.

That I have the ability to choose what, until recently, did not seem available.

That I am developing an increased clarity of movement.

The increased clarity of  my intention to move.

The HOW.


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