Ripple, Flow, Embody, Merge, Rise and Feel

Flow and Ripples 6

I’m learning Rise, on of our newest Nia routines choreographed by Nia trainers and teaching couple Philippe Beaufour and Sabine Zweig who have been living and teaching in India for many years. I’ve spent the last several days immersed in this new energy. The moves are fun and feel good in my body. The music is multicultural and stimulating, and I’m enjoying the attention to moving hands and expression.

This morning I mixed 3 songs from Rise into the routine Feeling as a way to introduce new material to my students and a way to ease both myself and my students into a new body of work.

It has been a pleasure moving Rise and swimming around in the delicious sensations and I wondered how this experience would inform moving Feeling.

After being immersed in Rise, moving the songs from Feeling took on a new quality. A watery, more deeply connected quality – a quality of richer integration – of unity.

I felt both watery and grounded in my movements. I played with the sharp in the soft and the soft in the sharp. My body felt like a symphony in motion; each part an instrument playing comfortable synchronicity. Every piece of choreography took on a quality of flow of its own.

To be clear, I am not using “flow” only to designate easy, liquid movement. I am also using flow to describe the quality of movement and movement patterns sensed as organization and differentiation well-threaded through a fine tapestry.

Drawn to the floor, we played with shapes that required conscious stability.

Organization and differentiation: stabilizing the base (feet, legs and hip joints) and the core (pelvis, chest and head) to allow the hand and arm to dance freely.

Integrating the rib cage to dance with the hand and arm.

Inviting the pelvis to join the dance and finally the base of the body to create a dance of unity.

Gentle undulations. Soft coiling and uncoiling.

As we moved, I began noticing places that don’t naturally move while creating stability.

With the idea that without movement there may not be sensation and so often it is challenging to move what cannot be sensed, I wonder what I’m not sensing. Where do I have a lack of sensation? A body scan brings to mind a spot on the underside of my jaw. I can move my jaw but still not receive sensation from that spot. Now that I know, I will give it attention and see if  and how my awareness is affected.

Merging the quality of Rise into Feeling delivered a “new” routine and a new sensory experience.

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