Improv Is Relationship

Universal Dance

Everything is about relationships.

Every question.

Every answer.

Every step.

Every statement.

Every conflict.

Every movement.

We are in relationship.

With something, in some way.

With someone, in some way.

Asleep or awake.

How we are in relationship is a tantalizing consideration.

Since I am in the business of somatic experience, I will keep this specifically related to body experience.

Technically this narrows the subject down not at all since everything that we do every minute of the day is done in a body!

Let’s play:

Did you sit down during lunch today? Let’s go with ‘yes’.

On what did you sit?

How did it feel against the backs of your knees?

How did your clothes fold around you to accommodate this sitting?

Did this folding of your clothes allow for you to look around and see everything in the space?

What did you do with your elbows when you sat?

What did you do with your elbows while you actively ate?

How might what you sat on, your spine and your elbows be in relationship?

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