EXPAND: Movement Options

Harmony 3

Movement Harmony.

In music, Harmony can be defined as

1. the use of simultaneous pitches and chords (tones, notes) – wikipedia

2. occurs when two or more notes are played at the same time – piano.about.com

3. Musical harmony deals with how pitches relate (or agree) with one another – http://www.studybass.com

Movement harmony, like musical harmony is a matter of relationship (as most things are). In this case, being in physical relationship with oneself and the essence that makes each of us unique.

A simple example of movement harmony – of movement agreement – is arms and legs while walking. If there is an easy opposite arm to opposite leg then there is movement agreement. Walking is smooth and fluid.

Consider also movement complement in walking. The legs are moving easily. The arms are not swinging in perfect opposition to the legs, but their movement is still creating an overall smooth, uninterrupted flow to the walking. The arms may be creating a soft swimming motion or a soft spiraling motion close to the body. They may also be creating the familiar oppositional swinging, but at a slow or faster rate of speed.

In movement dissonance, the legs are walking and the movement created by the arms is creating an interruption in the flow of walking. For example, the arms may be punching while the legs are walking, shaking something or reaching behind the body.

Movement Harmony.

Listen with your body.

Let the original move and tempo be the melody.

Turn off the music and listen to your own movement rhythms. Be with yourself.

Move from your body. Without plan. Without goal. Your thoughts only in the background.

Invite your body to find as many of the possible movement agreements, complements and dissonances as possible.

Keeping the mind quiet is essential to discovering movement harmonies.

A mind yammering judgments, stories and criticism creates its own obstacle.

Invite the unlikeliest movements to accompany you.

This is a practice. Without practice, not much blooms.

Practice alone in your own silence.

Practice in a group with sound and music.

Let it in. Let it have its dance. BE in the unfolding.

This is real magic.


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