From Time to Time The Emperor is Naked

Emperors New Clothes 2

Every day is not wonderful.

Sometimes the silver lining is just bullshit.

There are times when the damn glass is just empty and there is nothing with which to fill it.

Worse than the false positives are the silences.

Nobody is going to talk to much less about the 3000 lb hippopotamus in the room.

The emperor is naked.

I’m not interested in making lemonade.

I don’t have to make lemonade. After the sour lemons, an apple tastes that much sweeter.

I also refuse to smile on command.

I don’t need to smile all the time. Just because I’m not smiling doesn’t mean I’m:

not feeling grateful

not “happy”

not pleased with life





I am also not required to write only happy, “uplifting”, positive, fairy tale ending pieces.

I don’t live in a Hallmark card. (I don’t even like the Hallmark channel.) I live in a world that inspires me to experience every emotion I am capable of feeling.

Just because I’m committed to something doesn’t mean it’s perfect and in no need of further improvement. Loving something doesn’t mean following it not matter what. Being passionate about something means having the courage to question and speak doubt. What is worthy of passion stands, hears and honors disagreement, question, doubt and criticism.

There are no pedestals or ivory towers.

There is nothing that cannot be asked

Being passionate doesn’t mean joining. Sometimes it means not joining.

Passion doesn’t mean acquiescence through silence.

Sometimes it means being on the outside.

People we trust and admire often make bad decisions. It’s not personal.

It’s not always okay to let it go either.

Every one answers to someone. Every one.

There is no one above questioning. No one.

We may not receive an answer.

Ask the questions anyway. Keep asking.

Questions and answers don’t always come in prettily wrapped and bowed boxes.

Nor are they always politely offered or well-timed. And they don’t always come from those expected.

Out-of-the-box-thinking is quite possibly just in-a-different-box-thinking.

When is “out of the box” simply being in another box?

Box Jumping, anyone?!

Intention. Philosophy. Vision. Mission. Plan. Manifesto.

The emperor is still naked.

Ask the questions.

Every day may not be wonderful, but every day can be meaningful and there is contentment to be had.

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