Breathe In and Be Pleasure

Dew on a Gerber

Thank you, Jean.

Are you a Pleasurist?

What is a Pleasurist you ask?

It is one who not only seeks pleasure but embodies it once discovered.

A Pleasurist is one who revels, who immerses oneself in not only being accomplished but in the accomplishing.

There is no rushing these things.


Breathe in. Let yourself melt into the sensation of breath in your body.

Breathe out and delight in the wave that leaves you. Breathless. (I couldn’t resist!)

Don’t rush it.


Let    it    come     to     you.

It will.

Like love.

Like the dawn.

Like music.

You cannot master it.

You cannot beat it.

You cannot overcome it.

You cannot own it.

You can let it slip through your fingers; suddenly elusive.


You can let it seduce you

Invite you

Beckon you.

In the wait, the Pleasurist will arrive.

In the quiet. You can hear.

You can feel.

If you hurry to catch it, catch up, keep up; win the race…

the moment will be lost; passed unheard and unseen.

Melt in the silence; in the stillness of nerve and bone.

Drink the moment. Nothing is as soft against your skin; as nurturing to your heart and soul.

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