I Know I’m on Overload When…

Overload 3

I start 8 posts in one week and don’t finish any of them.

When I think of events I’m planning that I’m really excited about, instead of feeling excited I feel dread and guilt.

I procrastinate daily (over things I want) – hence the guilt.

I’m honing my hermit skills.

My sleeping patterns are weirder than usual.

I go more than 24 hours without reading.

When I do read, my brain isn’t present and I have to re-read.

At 1:45 am I catch myself watching episode after episode of Kingdom, a British series with Stephen Fry (alone), and I feel strangely perky.  Last week it was Merlin. It’s not so much the what of I’m watching as it is about the hour – and the perky (that’s actually kind of scary!).

Overload does afford me some rich periods of creativity, though. Fortunately I can usually spark creativity without having to go to any extremes, but it’s good to know that there will be something productive that will come from overload!

Yea, now I’m painting purple moons, flowers growing down from a peachy sky and owls defying gravity.

It’s official.

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