Body Speak

Stones and Water 5


To what’s going on inside you.

Every movement and position has a different “voice”.

When you swing your arm, your shoulder communicates information in one way. When you sit for too long, your sitz bones communicate information in a different way. Pay attention to the tone. Is it a murmur or “yum” or a shriek of “nooooooooo”? Is it flat ache of a body part asking to move or the weary moan of a body moved too much?


For your way to move. You’ll know it, even if it’s buried in technique and relentless instruction. It’s voice may be almost too soft to hear, but it’s there. Shut off


this way

suppose to


And hear what your body has to say – for itself.

Your body needs no translator or interpreter. It only needs a willing listener.

Your mind does not own your body nor does your body own your mind, therefore one doesn’t know what is best for the other.

To take care of your body, don’t rely on your mind for the answers – ask your body and LISTEN.

Don’t look at your watch. Your body follows natural time and will give you the answer in that time. Listen.

This may be your meditation. This may be what you journal about.


It’s your body rediscovering it’s voice.

Listening is never a waste of time and energy.

Want to be more productive? More efficient and effective?

Listen to your body.

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