Keeping Brain and Spirit Fresh and Vibrant

Brain Sx for Beginners

Also known as the Joy of Awkwardness.

Do something different – really different.

By “different” I mean pick an activity that makes you feel totally uncoordinated.

Do it at least 6 times.

If you wind up loving it, keep doing it.

And pick something else you don’t know how to do.

If, after 6 sessions you still feel awkward – keep doing it.

Rinse and repeat for the rest of your life.

It’s not about looking cool, in control, graceful or like a pro. That may come with practice.

It’s about giving your brain something it doesn’t know how to do so that it can learn and change – a process called neuroplasticity.

It’s about practicing mental agility and flexibility for increased ease and personal power in the journey of life.

It’s also about courage.

It’s not easy to be willing to look like a beginner as an adult.

It’s creating balance; something like eating a variety of foods. Balanced nutrition means eating a little bit of almost everything.

A balanced life is not about time-management; figuring out how to get everything done. A balanced life is not about professional obligation. It’s not about externally defined personal obligations. Self-care becomes a priority.

A balanced life begins with self-care in body, mind, emotions and spirit. Living a life that is in alignment with your values; not your spouse or partner’s values, not your parents values – your values.

Living a life that feeds and nourishes you first. When your nourished, you can nourish the world.

It begins with the Joy of Awkwardness.

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