Getting Out of Your Body’s Way

In the Dance

Your body is highly creative.

Whether your mind knows it or not. Your mind tends to regurgitate what you’ve been told by a trusted source.

When we are very young children, who dances and who doesn’t dance is clearly defined for us. The adjective “dancer” is revered and only spoken out loud to describe those and by those who fit a very, very specific criteria. The rest of us grow up not even daring to whisper it to ourselves.

Left to its own devices, though, your body will happily respond to most music and all kinds of rhythms.

Every body knows how to dance.

Every body dances.

And every body dances in it’s own way.

Call it your “style” or your movement signature, your groove, natural movement, or your body history; it all adds up to the same thing: your body’s way.

Your body and mine are designed to move (the multitude of joints are a big hint).

If your mind doesn’t agree, ignore it.


Your mind responds to cultural conditioning. Since your mind is not concerned with what is true or untrue, it will take it and agree to many ideas that are not necessarily in the best interest of the body.

Your body also responds to cultural conditioning, but not with agreement.

Put on some music.

Open your windows and let in the sounds of the rhythmic world.

Place your hand in the middle of your chest and feel your heart beating.

Borrow a stethoscope and listen to the rush of your blood in and out of your heart.

Ignore any mind chatter that threatens to stifle your dance, shame your ‘style’ or suck the fun out of your moment.


Dance Graffiti

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