Whole Body Breath

Whole Body Breath©

Breath Stone

Breathe with your Whole Body.

Inhale through the soles of your feet.

Let your breath be drawn across, around and through your pulsing ankle joints, up, around and through your lower leg bones, through your pulsing knee joints and up into your thigh bones.

Breathe into your pelvis and let your breath fill each vertebra and disc along the length of your spine.

Inhale through the palms of your hands and through the bones and joints in your fingers.

Draw your breath across, around and through your wrists and into your lower arm bones, into your elbow joints and upper arm bones.

Fill your shoulder joints and float your shoulder blades and collar bones with breath.

Inhale and breathe into your jaw, teeth and throughout your skull.

Inhale Space. Exhale Tension.

Breathe Your Body.

4 thoughts on “Whole Body Breath”

  1. Mmmmm….how synchronistic. This morning I took my “Conscious Ink” tattoo from our Life As Art event on Saturday and put it on the inside of my forearm — the word is “Breathe”. I put it there so that everytime I pick my arm up I see it and am reminded to relax and breathe. Thank you!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! Thank you! I have used it as my focus for class – I hope that’s OK – attributed to you!


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