Quiet! I Can’t Hear What I’m Feeling!

Fireworks on Red Sky



Mind chatter.

Strong, loud emotions that don’t belong.

Energy wasted stuffing down and stifling emotions that do belong.

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Do. Go. Faster.

“Too much on my plate.”

“Not enough time.”

It’s almost impossible to hear a whisper at a live concert.

When we are emotionally overwhelmed, it is incredibly difficult to make clear choices. Stuffing them down isn’t the answer either. Ever eat a meal on an already full stomach?

When there is an over-abundance of inspiration, we may find that no creation takes place at all. Too many options…

It is the same way with body sensation. The harder, faster and larger the movements, the less of the body’s voice I can hear. Spending time in slow, deliberate movement; playing with repetition until I can truly see, hear and feel not just what I’m doing, but also how.

Can you hear what your body is saying to you?

Spend some time in how.

You might be surprised!

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