Touch. Balance… On and On

Tree UpTouch.

Touching the space the way I Touch my skin. From the inside. Within the space Touching out and in at the same time.

Move from feet Touching the earth. Awaken to the soles.

Touch the world with my movement. Blend. Flow. Breathe.

No need to reach to dance with the trees – I am already trunk, branches and leaves. I am the sway, the rustle, the lean, the fold and flower.

My feet, heart and spirit remember deep roots. Roots, alive and pulsing, the thriving nexus that feeds my relationship with earth, air, water fire and aether.

To thrive our roots need movement. Without it we grow brittle and movement becomes more and more difficult and when something becomes difficult we find ways and excuses to avoid it. Without movement we become less sensitive to sensation and without sensation we cannot heal. We lose pliability and having lost the ability to bend, we risk breaking.

Movement for our bodies, our minds, the state of our emotions and our willingness to be open to inspiration. To survive and  move forward, we have to be willing to listen and hear, look and see in order to learn, change, adapt, grow and evolve. Flexible and agile.

Learn. Change. Adapt. Grow. Evolve. Body. Heart. Mind. Spirit.

To live and make choices based only in emotion is no more out of balance than to live and make decisions based only on thought and ideas. Neither are complete. Neither superior.

When you go to a restaurant or a store, do you go with only an arm (and your head so you can see to drive)? Is that one of the stupidest questions you’ve ever heard?

Then why would you ever make a decision based solely on what you think?

Touch connects all parts of us – within ourselves as moving, thinking, feeling, imagining and sensing beings and to what is “beyond” our skin.

Touch. To notice.

Touch. To be awakened.

Touch. To connect and be fully in relationship.

Touch. To feel.

Touch. To hear, see and understand.

Touch. To move and be moved.

Touch. To Be.

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