Awareness of Moving to Think – 1


Creativity thy name is Movement!

Fear is an interesting Sensation.

The music choices for my personal Practice:

When the Rains Came  by Bob Holroyd

Back in Black by AC/DC

Awaken by Disturbed

Another Way to Die by Disturbed

The Mistake by AM Taxi

Tribal Shift by Kaya Project

It was the first time I’d moved/danced to Awaken and The Mistake. My nervous system can’t get enough Disturbed! Moving The Mistake inspired a perspective shift from what I received from simply listening in the car or singing in the shower. I don’t know what the band had in mind when the song was written but my body-emotion connection wrote a story I didn’t “know” before. I’m not even entertaining the idea that I know what the song’s about. I only know that my body-emotion connection discovered a new way to listen and hear.

I know that I can listen to a piece of music and receive certain information… genre, mood, tone, era, intention – not that all of this information is objective. I can say that when I hear intention, unless I know the back story from the artist, the intention is a story my mind creates.

When I move to the same music pieces, if I allow it, I will receive far more information from my body then if I only sit and listen. As an auditory listener I may attach emotion to the list above. My sense of hearing (along with the accompanying brain function) and my emotions are stimulated.

Moving stimulates my whole body. If I let go of the “style” of movement I should choose for this piece, my body will express more fully. Through movement, my body will find elements in the music that I may not have noticed or did not access before. I find myself more open when I move to hear.

In movement I will venture to speculate that I am stimulating much more of my Self.

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