Why Awareness and What About It?

Black Hole Large

Awareness touches every single aspect of our lives.

Awareness is the difference between following what you’re told and uncovering you’re own road.

We can all follow the leader. That conditioning began before we went to school.

And it’s killing us.

At the very least, it is making a mess of our years after 40.

When you consciously connect to awareness, you call for your life back.

You ask to hear from yourself.

Not if someone else think what you’re doing is ok.

No one else can tell you what you feel. NO ONE. EVER. Others can inflict their opinions. You are the only one who feels what you feel – whether it is in your heart or in your body.

The more I explore awareness with this particular intensity the more I find myself defining sensation in line with emotion. The words “negative” and “positive” do not apply. There is no “bad” or “good”. Sensation, like emotion, is a guide. Both give us information about what’s happening within us. Both are unique expressions. No one else can experience either of these for us.

Due to the nature of emotion and sensation, they cannot be controlled by any outside force unless we agree.

Interestingly, these two have a history of making people uncomfortable. Often what cannot be controlled is condemned and suppressed. Through this, suppression becomes a form of control. If someone can get you to suppress your emotions or suppress your sensations, they’ve got something over you. They’ve got a lot.

Awareness returns to you what you may have lost in conditioning.

Awareness gives you information. Information is power. Information gives you the opportunity to make a choice. Personal choice. Personal power.

Do these experiments:

1-If you are a sighted person (making no assumptions), make a meal with your eyes closed. No knives allowed.

2-when it gets dark:

go into a room that you can make pitch dark or go into a room and close your eyes. Now clean the entire room.

If you are not sighted, go to an unfamiliar space, put in earplugs and perform one or both of the experiments.

Really. Do them.

I dare you.

Let me know how it goes – leave your findings in the comment section.


In reference to the black hole photo. No one can actually “see” a black hole. It has so much mass that it’s gravitational field sucks everything in to its surface, including light. What we can see, are the results of any contact with the black hole.

2 thoughts on “Why Awareness and What About It?”

  1. I don’t cook, so the first experience is out for me, however, I have cleaned an entire room in the dark…it was quite interesting…and I didn’t get things quite as clean as I might have had the lights been on. As my body has aged, I have found that my “sensory perception” is not as good as it used to be. I used to be able to walk around in the dark without ever running into anything…now I bump hips into door jambs, and smack my head on low-hanging eaves. Quite an experience. Thanks for the suggestions!

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