Are You Contracting Your Way to Weakness?

Resting Polar Bear

As intelligent beings, we struggle with the too-much-of-a-good-thing concept.

If a little is good than a lot must be better, right?

Here comes the over-thinking avalanche, aaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggggh – thump!

Our bodies have their own intelligence. Intelligence that requires no interference from our already busy minds. However interference can successfully sabotage our body’s inherent wisdom.

Our bodies are designed with intelligence that contracts when it needs to. Gratefully we don’t have to remember to tell our hearts to beat, our lungs to expand and contract and our digestive system to do its thing.

Another aspect of this intelligence our body’s need for sleep. We seem to believe our need for sleep is optional. It is not, and the ramifications for lack of sleep are potentially catastrophic.

Inversely, our bodies also understand when not to contract.

We will not get stronger by going around contracting something all day long. Soooo, the sucking in and holding in we tend to do is actually detrimental and may result in weakness rather than strength.

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