What I Need to Know Today, I Learned in Kindergarten, also known as a Nia Plearn.

Beginner's GuideNobody wants to be a beginner. No, let me clarify that: no adult wants to be a beginner.

No adult wants to be caught learning. Be we all want to be considered intelligent…

After a certain age, there should be no such thing as a learning curve.

We want to know everything and we want to know it now. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Not at all – if it were possible.

The why do we treat ourselvesĀ  and others as though it is possible?

I spent almost all of yesterday in a learning environment with 25 or so of my peers; a beautiful assortment of men and women with a desire to learn more about the Nia technique and themselves. As always, there was a variety of experience levels. As always I found that I had to remind myself to take the advice being offered in the introductions. For this jumping in and splashing around opportunity, I was listening to Nia Teacher Trainer Winnalee Zeeb invite us to all be beginner’s whether or not we had any previous exposure to the material we were in Lansing, Michigan to explore.

“You have nothing to prove,” began the familiar opening speech to myself. “You are here like everybody else. If you keep the armor up not only will you not receive all that is possible to receive, but you will miss out on potential new friends. Relax. Have fun.”

It takes me a little while to let go. Of the expectations I have of myself – of the “you should bes”. Of the idea that if someone else witnesses a mistake I make, the world will come crashing down around us and all that we’ve ever known will cease to exist in the blink of an eye.


If I miss a step, no one will like me. If I give the wrong answer I won’t get to hang out with the cool kids.

I’ll be revealed for what I really am…

drum roll please,

wait for it,

wait for it,

don’t you jump ahead!

I’ll be revealed for what I really am,


Plain and simple.

No less. No more.

Perfect and Imperfect.

Everything I need I am.

Wanna know what else I learned?

Be on the lookout for the next post coming next Thursday!

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