The Alchemy of Awareness Online Somatic Practice Tips 7 and 8

Fancy Feet

Tips 7 and 8

These might take you 10 seconds, but feel free to take your time!

Tip 7: Give your feet a little rub – or a nice big, long one.

Now Notice how your feet feel.

How did they feel being rubbed? How they they feel after being rubbed?

There’s a word or maybe several words for that.

Tip 8: What is the word or words that describe how your feet feel being rubbed and how they felt after being rubbed?

If you can do this every time you phone rings, awesome!! If, however, you’re some place, like in public where it might be sort of complicated to rub your feet  – how about

1. In the morning before you put your shoes on

2. Lunch time

3. After dinner or at bed time?

Your next tips will be coming to you tomorrow at 2:00pm central

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