Movement Alchemy Update


Movement Alchemy is dedicated to sharing movement emphasizing

Exploration, Personal Research and Discovery


through regular Classes, Workshops, Online Practice Courses and One-on-One Practice



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Winter Tip:

For the Means, Opportunity and Possibility to Move Like a Kid Long After You Aren’t a Kid Anymore!

(There’s even a song about it):

Get On the Floor!


Getting on the floor regularly benefits you in two ways to start:

1. It gives you immediate feedback about the condition of your body. 

The kind of feedback you don’t get on your feet and can easily ignore on your feet.

2. You can’t “cheat” on the floor.

To move it takes all of your joints. To sit still requires healthy, functional flexibility, mobility and stability.


Cultivating your ability to move on the floor is an incredible gift you give to yourself. After age 6, moving on the floor is all about Awareness – paying attention.

It’s Movement Alchemy’s “EarthDance”,  Nia’s “Floor Play”, and  GAGA’s “Play” and they all exist to do one thing:

Keep us Fit, Strong, Agile and Functional – For Life.

Be Playful in every aspect of Life!

Reconnect with your body through movement.

Get more out of your workouts with less effort and time.


 Why work when you can play?!


“Abolish mirrors; break your mirrors in all studios. They spoil the soul and prevent you from getting in touch with the elements and multidimensional movements and abstract thinking, and knowing where you are at all times without looking at yourself.

Dance is about sensations, not about an image of yourself”.  

Dance Perfectly Free on GAGA Movement Work created by Ohad Naharin, creative director at Batsheva Dance Company                          Tel Aviv, Israel

(Photo by Nia Technique)

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