Oceans. Moats. Walls.

                    Wall West Berlin Side wGraffiti

They define.

They delineate.

They reflect boundaries.

They are natural and built by human hand.

They are a visual communication of beginnings and ends.

They are edges.

They can benignly segregate us.

Or they can stand as confrontational lines in the sand; sentinels patiently and blindly waiting for a threat, real or imagined, to manifest.

They can stand between us and prevent us from seeing one another.

Their existence may become so taken for granted that we don’t even bother looking outside or beyond them.

They can protect us from the cold or they can prevent us from growing and thriving.

Real or imagined.

Protection or separation.

Natural topography conveniently shifted into a natural barrier.

Ocean Middle


One “man” professed to cross oceans of time to be with the woman he loved.

We may have oceans of love to share.


Is your back up against it? Are you ready to climb the walls? Or is there a climbing wall to be scaled?

“He puts up a wall every time we get to the heart of the problem.”


“I want a big house with a moat and dragons and a fort to keep people out.” Victoria Adams

Defense or isolation?

Moat of Krem Austria

Can what separates us; what keeps us apart, also be what connects us?

There may be an ocean between us, but the sound of waves crashing on the shore might be what we both know.

The walls that we choose to build are also walls we can choose to bring down.

Murky, algae-laden, monster-filled hazard or toy boat harbor…



West side of the Berlin Wall, Austrian Castle and Moat from dreamstime

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