Come to my Wiggle Class!!!!!!!!!

Vibration Mechanical Vib Law of Vibration“If you don’t know what you are and what you do, how can you take care of yourself?”

What better way to find out about yourself then in Wiggle?!

I talk alot about play these days. I’m putting so much more play into my classes sometimes I wonder if my students wonder what I’m thinking! I think I’ll ask them.

I totally love the “Baby Liv” video and I bought 4 lessons from Tim Hargrove on the “Fundamentals of Better Movement” based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. For $20. (In case you’re wondering what the connection is, at the end of the “Core” article was the video and under the video were related links…)  I haven’t listened to the audio files yet and I’ve got a 45-page e-book to peruse as well. If you’re even curious, take a look. I didn’t get a virus and I have something to add  to my movement information.

This morning I’m moving to a playlist I call “Earth Beats”. About 50 pieces of music that invite and seduce my body to move naturally and pieces that make me giggle. I felt a little hung up when I started – tending to “dance” in steps and patterns rather than softening my mind chatter and letting my body lead. It took me about 2 songs before I felt authentic.

I’ve discovered that many times when I feel “stuck” – if I use my words,  my movement vocabulary – I’ve got something I need to “say” and once it’s out I’m free. Today it was relevant to my feminine voice – not so much as a woman, but as a voice of the earth. Sounds heady and eye-roll worthy for sure. My movements were earthy, using touch – wiping, rubbing, patting, to connect to myself. Reaching for the floor, and drawing from it.

But I have to wiggle first. Light Bulb. When I am “stuck”, I wiggle.

Not just willy nilly wild and trippy. Subtle, as though to gently dislodge a hand holding on too tightly; to release and realign. This quiet body giggle lets me slip away from control.

As emotional, artistic, passionate, expressive and tolerant as my parents could be, they were stiflingly proper, so the inverse was also true. I learned control from a very early age. Control over my voice, my words, movement choices, and expression.

When I control I’m still. Held not relaxed. I’m vigilant. Tight. Breath held in corset-laced lungs. Watchful. Alert. Waiting to exhale. (Love that movie.) Anxiety in check – banging ceaselessly inside me like a bouncy ball shooting around in a suit of armor. No tension here!

The control is habitual, but the wiggle helps me to let it go the way no words have ever been able to.

Ok, Big Bang Theory fans, help me out: the episode where the guys have a mixture of starch and water in saran wrap on a speaker playing percussive sounds!! The mix looks like fluid plastic and it dances over the surface of the speaker! When the song, Kalamari Warriors came on, I held that visual. The chemical recipe fused with sound has no edges. The dancing  mixture is all soft peaks and valleys in miniature constantly morphing; endlessly organizing and reorganizing as long as the sound persists.

When the episode finally comes to me I’ll share, but take a listen to the song on iTunes – sound doesn’t get much more Joyful then that!!

Here it is:

So, I’m wiggling.

This pre-verbal vibrating is liberating not only joints and muscles, for me, but mood and helps to create ease in my emotions.

So who’s in – Body Giggle 2013?!


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