My Own Business – Yay.


Starting a new business?

Self-employed. (Do I have to be making enough money to be self-supporting in order to claim ‘self-employed’?!?!?!)

Never ending learning curve!

Where did that echo come from?!?!

Ignorance is bliss.

Elevating the quirk of talking to myself to an Art Form!

Shifts, change and transitions – going deeper; discovering truly authentic work. Uh hu – as if my original idea for a business wasn’t weird enough. In the river? Up to my eyeballs!

Oh yes, I think I’ll create a business that takes what I’ve been practicing for 20 years and turn it inside out. I love to learn!

Reinvent the wheel? Oh yes yes yes – please – can I? Pleeeeeeease??

I wanna do stuff that no body else is doing ’cause starting a business from scratch with little capital isn’t enough of a challenge. I don’t only want to swim upstream – I want to swim upstream with a buffalo strapped to my back!

No, I’m not crying I’m laughing hysterically and these are tears of manic joy!

Glutton for punishment? Fetish for wicked work hours? Willing to live in denial? Willing to drive in 5:00 pm Chicago traffic? Buy the everybody-requires-at-least-6-hours-of-sleep-for-sanity load of buffalo droppings? Willing to find myself with nothing to talk about in a social situation except the new business? Noticing eyes glaze over – but, oh, I hope I brought a notebook, ’cause I just got a great idea for the lab I’m planning…

So why do I insist on this uphill climb (me and the buffalo)?

Why do I jump out of bed every morning already planning my next events; with the residue of dreams that gift me with a flood of creativity?

Why do I persist?




Am I happy?

I wouldn’t be anybody else. That means ‘yes’!

Is that feeling the universe’s way of letting me know I’m going to be successful?

… manic joy…

Barry Moltz is right – I’m fucking crazy!

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