The Sensation of “Truth”

For the question askers…

If you appreciated the movie Thrive, 2012,  you may also find Zeitgeist: The Movie 2007 by Peter Joseph very interesting. Zeitgeist means “the spirit of the times.”

You can watch the movie here:

On the flip side, you can read this article that debunks Zeitgeist:

You can watch Thrive here:

On the flip side, you can read an anti-Thrive article here:

(Let me know if you see the visual “666” references!)

I will never find truth if I am afraid of asking questions.

Whatever the entire truth is, we all know we have work to do and we can all make a difference.

For all that is unloaded in Zeitgeist, the message that resonates most deeply for me, is that there is no “other”, we are all one. Whether or not I believe all the “facts” – if I believe that we are one then that is enough. Enough for me to have an impact – for you to have an impact. For us all to thrive.

There is no “other”, we are all one.

Releasing what my mind has been conditioned to think and believe, what is my body telling me?

What does my “gut” tell me?

What does my heart tell me?

What is it telling you?

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Sri Chinmoy Ghose

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