When Is Enough, Enough?!

I’ve been in college 3 times. I’ve majored in English, Education, Psychology, and History. I’ve studied Journalism, Sociology, Music, Dance, Anthropology and Egyptology. I like school.

I have or have had certifications in group fitness, personal training, water fitness, senior fitness, fitness for special populations, Pilates mat work, fibromyalgia self-help workshop facilitator, yoga, 5 belts in Nia, Reiki and phlebotomy. I can’t read enough and I am able to apply what I read.

I have a least a dozen books on human anatomy,  movement, kinesiology, physiology, a full-sized skeleton, 4-5 books on various aspects of business, and a multitude of books designed to teach me how the body, mind, spirit and emotions integrate.

I’m running out of shelf space.

I’ve just started a business based on what I’ve been actively practicing for 20 years.

I’m getting ready to take a 3-part anatomy series.

I’m going to visit a Feldenkrais training. I’m seriously considering taking this training.

I’m planning on taking David Berceli’s Trauma Release trainings.

I’m not bragging and I’m not an overachiever. Nor am I independently wealthy!

When is it enough?  “It” or me?

What is Movement Alchemy selling? Am I selling a product in a box? Am I selling a method or technique? A name?

What I’m selling is me. I am the product.

I’m selling my love of movement and my belief that the path to wholeness and balance is, indeed through the body (the mind is too easily influenced, this post exists as proof ). I am selling my passion and reverence for the human body in its various forms and conditions.  I am selling my desire to learn everything I possibly can about as much as I can and share it all.

I am selling my love.

Fitness-wise, I know how to do everything I need to do to make a start at this business. I am acutely aware of what I don’t know and what my limits are. Where I have the least experience, I have strong business resources in wonderful friends. So why the hesitation? I am no longer an anxiety-prone woman, yet I find myself managing anxiety more often than I like.

Why the hesitation? Why am I holding back?

Enough. I think I’ll step off the wheel.

4 thoughts on “When Is Enough, Enough?!”

  1. You have that hungry and curious, scientific mind like me. Always reading, exploring, discovering. Lifelong learning…it’s my lifeblood. And it’s a beautiful thing that you want to share what you have discovered on your life explorations. This world needs you to share what you know.

    Glad that you are stepping off the wheel.

    Dance free!
    Mary Carol Rick

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