Nature of Nature of Nature


It’s a word that gets thrown around alot. If you would rather not acknowledge my feelings, you can refer to my expressions as my perspective. It depersonalizes my feelings. It devalues my feelings. It neutralizes my nature. It makes me safe, in your perspective. The reality, however, is that I am still what I am. I am still my Nature.

I am of Nature. I am not Neutral.


There is nothing neutral about nature. Even what we refer to as medium, as in “medium height”, is not neutral; it is still in relationship with that which is taller and shorter. Neutral is not in relationship. Neutral stands alone. It is, well, neutral.

There is nothing neutral about Nature.

Culture, on the other hand, while artificial is also not neutral. Culture is a product of our imagination. It is what we say it is. There is nothing inherent or natural about culture. It is not and cannot be neutral because we are not and cannot be neutral – by Nature. We bring to culture our fears, hopes, frustrations and beliefs.

Nature is of itself. It is life. It is everything that springs from life. Nature is what it is. We can accept, honor and flow or we can resist and struggle.

We are neither too small to matter nor are we masters.  We are as we should be in our part of Nature. Nature isn’t concerned that our lives are “short” and that we’ve got things to do. Nature is less part of us though we are all Nature. Nature doesn’t bother with will either. Our will exists within the scope of our existence. When we attempt to impose our will on Nature, the damage we do is only to ourselves.

Nature is not of the Earth. The Earth is of Nature. The universe is of Nature.

We are not too small to matter – I mentioned this earlier – we are what we are supposed to be. Perhaps the next time we think about our power over Nature, we might imagine ourselves stopping a supernova from exploding. Not a bad use for perspective.

We are uncomfortable with what we cannot control. What we cannot control we tend to vilify – tornadoes are described as “destructive” rather than a natural result of weather systems. Is that inherent to humans or is that a learned response? Anyone? When we can’t stop the rain, or the wind, we turn to our own nature. We attempt to impose our will on the biology of others, on the biology of ourselves and on the natural world around us. That hasn’t worked out all that well for us. Attempting to controlling nature is still attempting to control Nature.

We fear what makes us uncomfortable. We fear what makes us comfortable even more. If we want it. If it looks good, smells good, tastes good, feels good – surely we must resist. We must resist because…

We must resist because what?

Because if we get what we need then we won’t want so much? The expression “forbidden fruit” will cease to have meaning? Then what will the marketers do?! And the political and religious leaders?

What we resist creates struggle. Do you believe me? DON’T! Turn on the news. Go to your kitchen and look at the cake – what’s your knee jerk – I shouldn’t have that?

What we resist creates struggle.

What we deny ourselves becomes obsession.

We’ve lost our way a bit. In my perspective I don’t think it’s unrecoverable. We’re like the 4 year old who can’t get her way so she holds her breath until she falls down, hits her head and needs 25 stitches. Yea, she showed her mother.

It might behoove us to stop throwing ourselves down the stairs.

What if we Embrace Nature…

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